How and Why to use Wrist Wrap while Lifting?

A long black strap hanging from the end of the lifter’s arms, is a rare site. This piece of equipment is called a Wrist Wrap which is an important gear for anyone who is planning to lift heavy weights.

Not many people understand that this little piece of accessory can not only help you get stronger but also protects and prevents Wrist injuries.   

Today, with the help of this blog and a small video, I intend to help you understand how to wear wrist wrap properly and its benefits. 

How to put on wrist wraps?

I have seen a lot of people tying the wrist wrap below the wrist joint, this practice is absolutely useless.

When wearing the wrist wrap, your thumb goes inside the loop and then half of the wrist wrap goes above the wrist joint and half below the wrist joint. Tying it like this covers the wrist joint.

Benefits of Wrist Wrap

When you tie the wrap as stated above on the wrist joint, you will now have difficulty in moving the palm backward, even when you tilt it forcefully, it will instantly be pulled back to a neutral position. 

When you try to lift heavy, the Bar ideally should remain at the bottom of the palm, right above the wrist joint however, due to the load, the bar may slip towards the middle of the palm. This shift of the Bar may tilt the wrist, put additional load, strain on the wrist joint. This is where the Wrap comes in handy, it does not let the wrist tilt too much.  This keeps your wrist joint safe and you will end up lifting heavier.

Few rules to keep in mind while using straps :

Rule#1: Don’t use Straps every time.  Use them just when your grip fails to lift the specific amount of weight.

Rule#2: Make sure you do some dedicated forearm work to strengthen your grip.

Rule#3: Don’t completely depend on straps while lifting weights. Let your arms decide how much weight they can lift. You can do well without straps also.

This video will cover the proper usage and benefit of lifting – Wrist Wrap Usage in Lifting | Online Personal Training Gurgaon

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