Founder- Diwakar Jajoria, Crossfit Gym in palam vihar
Diwakar Jajoria – Head Coach and Co-Owner

I worked in a corporate job for 15 years in various roles and departments until I realized that I needed a change in what I did. I wanted to do something I was passionate about. Therefore I left my job to pursue my love for fitness. I acquired internationally renowned certifications in athletic training and began working as a fitness trainer for Fitness First (the largest gym company in the world). After working there for two years, I decided to create my own gym because I believed there was a gap in how we understand health and nutrition. My aim with CrossFit Real Steel is to improve the way our community looks at health and nutrition- how we need to change the way we live in order to be physically and mentally healthier.

The following are my certifications:

  1. CrossFit” Level 1 Certified
  2. Certified Personal Trainer by ACE
  3. Certified Personal Trainer by Fitness First
  4. Suspension trainer certified by Fitness Frst
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