Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?


It is now a known fact that pregnancy exercises improves the health of the would be mother and the child immensely .

The exercise program for this time frame depends and may vary of the actual fitness level of the expecting mother . Whether or not she was physically active , playing a sport, strength training etc before conceiving would dictate the kind of workout program would suit her optimally. Hence, it is a suggestion to always train under a certified coach who is experience in coaching for “special needs”. It is also important that prior approval should be taken by your Doctor before jumping on to a workout program.

With the above said, let us quickly jump onto discussing the kind of workouts that can be done or should be done during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Exercises Tip for Woman

Beginners, with no prior workout experience, should respond well to swimming, brisk walks, cycling, low intensity aerobics.

Running, racket sports and strength training are safe options for women who have prior experience in these activities and are already in good physical condition.


Difficult exercise can be prefer by advanced athletes but under the guidance and observation of a physician.

In the first Trimester, all women should avoid exercises that need them to lie down on their backs( supine position). This can lead to reduce blood flow to you and the baby.Also, Any activity or sport need to avoid that may risk of falling like football, hockey.


In the Third Trimester, it is very important for all women to exercise.

It is very important to improve core strength during this period. 

The posterior chain that becomes weak due to the physical changes and the added weight in the woman body need strengthening. Upper Back, Glutes (Hips) are two very important muscle groups that need to workout.

The pelvic floor that become weak and stretch due to the baby load need constant attention and proper training .

Lastly, listen to your body. You are exercising for two people instead of one. Don’t over train, stop when the body feels a lot sweat.

The above information is from the recommendations from Amercian Council of Exerciseand not just something that we believe in .

Wishing all the expecting mothers a healthy and safe delivery.

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