Find your Body Fat Percentage

Find your Body FAT percentage.


Skin Fold Measurement – A Simple tool to find your Body Fat % 

Measuring the thickness of certain standardized sites is an easy and effective way to figure out your Body Fat Percentage.

So, Jason Pollack Formula is one of the most accurate formulas for doing this.

The 3 sites for measurement as per this Formula seems like:

For Men : Chest, Abdomen and thigh

For Women : Triceps, Suprailiac and thigh

How to Measure :

       For Men 

  • Abdomen :

    First of all, Vertical Hold, 2 cms to the right side of the umbilicus (i.e-navel , point 3 in the image) Body Fat


  • Chest:

    First of all, Diagonal Hold, one half the distance between the anterior axillary line and the nipple ( point 2 in the image) Body Fat


  • Thigh :

    First of all, Vertical Hold, on the front midline of the thigh, midway between the Knee and the top of the thigh ( Point 7 in the image) Body Fat


                                                                                         For Women

  • Triceps :

    Therefore, Vertical Hold, on the back midline of the upper arm, and halfway between the upper end and the lower end of the triceps ( point 6 in the Image) Body Fat


  • Suprailiac :

     Therefore, Diagonal fold, taken at the anterior axillary line immediately due to superior to the iliac crest ( point 5 in the image ) Body Fat


  • Thigh :

    Finally, Same as done for Men. Vertical Hold, on the front midline of the thigh, so midway and between the Knee and the top of the thigh ( Point 7 in the Image) Body Fat



Few Things to take care of while taking the measurements either:

  1. Also, be sure to only grab the fat and not the muscle along with it yet.
  2. Furthermore, Measure the skin fold to the nearest .5 mm probably.
  3. Hence, Measure each skin fold site at-least twice so you get the exact reading. Let the skin relax and regain its normal texture and thickness before the re-measurement.
  4. After gaining the measurements from all the three sites, Hence, and add the scores and and refer to the table below to estimate your Fat percentage finally.



Guidelines on Body Fat % 

Classification                                     Women Fat%                                              Men Fat%

Essential Fat                                                10-13%                                                             2-5%

Athletes                                                         14-20%                                                            6-13%

Fit                                                                   21-24%                                                            14-17%

Average                                                         25-31%                                                             18-24%

Obese                                                             32% and higher                                             25% and higher


Source of the Above information :

ACSM Guidelines for exercise testing and Prescription.8th Edition

You can have a look at the Crossfit Gurgaon


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