Does Fats make us Fat ?

Do fats really make us fat?

What are Fats?


Does fats make us fat?


Fat is an essential Macronutrient for our bodies to work optimally. It is not only a dense energy source but also helps produce the right kind of hormones and also helps the body absorb several Vitamins and minerals. Fats also give us a feeling of fullness, i.e. we tend to eat less and feel satisfied with a meal which has some healthy Fats in it. ,Hence the sad part is that due to its name i.e FAT, there is a notion that fats make us fat.

 This is a myth that needs to be demolished.  Actually, a calorie is a calorie whether it comes from fats or any other food. Some calorie math is done to summarize the simple evidence of proving this myth wrong:

Simple calorie math evidence

Fat contains 9 calories per gram.

carbohydrates and proteins have 4 calories per gram.

If we take more calories than needed in a day, the surplus consumed will convert to Fat irrespective of the source of spillover.

E.g- If an individual needs 2000 Calories in a day to maintain his or her current body Mass, Even if this individual doesnot take a single Gram of Fat and starts consuming 2500 Calories a day through Carbs and Protein. Hence, the excess 500 Cals consumed changes to Fat.

Similarly, if this person starts taking 1500 Calories a Day, the deficit of 500 Calories will lead to a drop in the Body weight. Chances are a drop in Muscle Mass or Body Fat depending on how balanced was the consumed diet.

In Conclusion, A balanced Diet, rich in all Macro Nutrients, Including FATs is what our bodies need.


What kind of fat is good for you?

Health associations recommends Unsaturated Fats most of the time. Unsaturated Fats are generally liquid at room temperature.

  • Monosaturated fatty acids

    –found in Olives, Canola,Nuts and seeds.

  • Polysaturated

    – Include Corn, Safflower, Soyabean Oils and cold water fish

    • Essential Fatty Acids ( omega 3 and Omega 6) are a type of Polysaturated Fats. 
      • Omega 3- found in egg yolk, Cold water fish.
      • Omega 6- Found in flex seeds, canola and soyabean oil.

Saturated fat – One should add these in their diet so that he/she can remain fit. Its intake amount advised by USDA was 10 % of the total body’s nutritional intake but the same has been time and again questioned. Furthermore, Saturated Fat is essential for Hormone production, Vitamin absorption and also heart health. The same gets a bad name only if an individual’s diet is rich in Fats and also high on Carbohydrates.


What kind of fat is bad for us?

does fats make us fat

  • Trans Fats-

    are unsaturated Fats that you should avoid . Stay away from fried and processed Foods. A few examples are-

  • Pizzas
  • Industrial vegetable oils
  • Pastries, cookies, cakes
  • Potato chips
  • Fast food
  • Junk food
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Candy bars
  • Processed cheese


Finally, Implementation time !

Furthermore, first thing to do is understand how many calories a day do we need.

E.g- An 80 Kg weighing individual who works out regularly and needs 2000 Calories a day to maintain their current body weight. He should be consuming atleast 1 grm of protein for per Kg of their body weight ( Least requirement ). The remaining calories should split between Carbohydrates and Fats. At least 20% of the total calories needed should come from Fats and the remaining from Carbohydrates. Because if we opt to increase our Fat intake, we accordingly reduce the amounts of carbs consumed. Have a look at the Best Gym in Gurgaon

Bottom Line : Fats don’t make us Fat. Overeating does !!

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