Fasted Cardio? Is it bad for health?

fasted cardio

BLOT: Fasted Cardio is BAD for you, will never help you get in Shape!!

A lot of people looking to lose fat seem to believe that early morning, fasted cardio, is the way to go about it.

You may seem to lose some kilos on the weighing scale by doing this but sadly, the weight lost is generally muscle mass and not body fat.

How Does this Happen?

Fasted Cardio puts our body under stress which results in our body releasing a hormone called Cortisol.

This hormone will find other mediums of energy for our body to perform the activity . Generally, the source of energy is found by breaking down muscle Protein (i.e- Reduces muscle mass to generate energy). In many cases, cortisol will also restrict the body to use Fat for energy .

Another principle to understand:

More Muscle Mass = High Metabolic rate = Body burns more calories

Less Muscle Mass = Lower Metabolic Rate = Body restricts calories expenditure

Now , to connect the dots, Fasted cardio releases Cortisol which eats away muscle mass . This muscle loss shows as weight loss on the scale. Reduced muscle mass reduces our Metabolism which means our body will not let us burn calories, we will sooner or later start feeling weak, lethargic, and depressed. Not only that, the body will now have lesser muscle mass and also a higher tendency to store fat. Not a good place to be in !!

The Only people getting results from Fasted Cardio are the ones who are on performance enhancing Drugs (PDCs) which protect muscle Mass and/or suppresses Cortisol.

Fasted cardio is very difficult, takes a lot of heart & mental toughness. Furthermore, not getting results can be extremely demotivating and frustrating. Save yourself the agony and pain .Try taking 6 boiled egg Whites & a BCAA supplement before your cardio session. This will help you see far superior Fat loss results than what fasted cardio would.


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Article Name
Fasted Cardio - Good or Bad
A lot of people looking to lose fat seem to believe that early morning, fasted cardio, is the way to go about it however the same is not true .

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