CrossFit Gym Legs Day – What truly indicates a great physique?  Is it rock hard abs? ? Or is it big peaked biceps? Or does wide back and thick shoulders indicate a great physique? Well, none of the above options indicate a great physique. The factor that indicates a great physique is a symmetry. A “Symmetrical Physique” is one in which all the body parts flow into each other. No body part or side of the body is bigger and better than the other body part or side.

And why are we talking about symmetry, if this article is all about legs? Well, too many people miss their legs day and focus on building other body parts, resulting in a terrific imbalance between the size of their legs and upper body part. This completely ruins the symmetry of one’s physique. And who would like to have a well developed upper body with legs as thin as toothpicks?


Below are all the leg muscles and how do these muscles work.

They form the back of the thigh and helps in flexing your knee and extending your hip.

Known as inner thigh muscles, adductors muscles are innervated by the obturator nerve.

This muscle is located at the front of the thigh and is made up of four sections. These muscles are the main mover when you extend your knees.

They are the uppermost of two calf muscles and gives our feet push-off power with each step.

This calf muscle works with and lies underneath the gastrocnemius.

Tibialis anterior
The strip of muscle that makes up our shin and helps us flex our ankle to move foot toward our knee.


crossfit legs day


CrossFit Gym Legs Day

Now lets have a look at some leg exercises that will help you build strong legs.

Front Rack Lunges

These lunges targets the glutes and the quadriceps most intensely, and also works on the hamstrings, core and lower back. Front Rack Lunges helps in developing strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Make sure your elbows are not facing towards the ground. 


Back Weighed Lunges

These lunges are performed with barbell lifted on back. These lunges require a lot of balance and engage all the muscles of the leg – butt,  front of the upper leg and back of the upper leg.


Over Head Lunges

Overhead lunges are a weighted variation of the basic lunges that works the entire body and engages nearly every muscle group. By holding weights overhead, you build upper and lower body strength. These lunges challenge the muscles in your arms, shoulders, upper back, and core.


Single Hand Over Head Lunges

This lunge and power row combination is as much about balance and coordination training as it is about building strength. This exercise works on almost every leg muscle. It also engages back and core.


Weighted Dumbbell Front Racked Lunges

These lunges involve glutes and quadriceps primarily. This exercise also works on core and back. Most importantly, this exercise requires a lot of stability and balance.


Air Squats

Air squats also known as body weight squats, are an effective exercise. Both beginners and advanced athletes should do this. These squats just use our body weight to strengthen the muscles of our buttocks. It also tones our thigh muscles, quadriceps, and hamstrings. This exercise is really very useful for women as it targets the problem areas of butt and thighs.


Over Head Squats

Overhead squats are a great exercise for the mobility, stability, and strength of our entire body. The primary body parts which are worked in this exercise are legs, core, and shoulder. Squats are an effective exercise for legs and core, and the barbell over our head improves our shoulder stability.


Front Squats

These Squats strengthens our legs and hips, particularly our thigh muscles and butt muscles. Front Squats are similar to Back Squats, however, the barbell is placed on the front side of our shoulders instead of your upper back. It improves our quads, core, and mobility.


Back Squats

Back squat is a basic barbell strength exercise for the lower body. This exercise works on the quads, hamstring and the buttocks. It also strengthens the entire core. As this exercise overloads entire body, it is also considered as one of the best mass building exercise.


Weighted Step Ups

This is an awesome leg exercise. The step up is a unilateral leg exercise and improves the symmetry of our leg musculature. Furthermore, weighted step ups also increase our overall leg strength.

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