In the world where every Instagram post has someone showcasing exercises for six pack abs, where all movie stars display six pack abs, we all dream of someday falling in the same league/category. But we are unsure of how to get six pack abs.

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Abs are not just built in a Kitchen…There are built by numerous repetitions done in the gym, day after day. There are several CrossFit exercises that need to be done to be able to get them popping out. Before you understand the exercises, first understand the purpose of the muscles and how they move. Only then can you understand the reason why we do certain exercises.


Our Core region is built by the following muscles


exercises for six pack abs

exercises for six pack abs

Transverse Abdominis

Also known as TVA, the transverse abdominis is the deepest innermost layer of all abdominal muscles and is located underneath rectus abdominis. It runs horizontally across the abdomen. This muscle helps us to seat straight and stand erect.

Rectus Abdominis 

Commonly referred to as ‘6 pack abs’, Rectus abdomins is a pair of long, flat muscles that extend vertically along the length of abdomen. This muscle is activated while doing crunches because it pulls the rib and curves the back.

External Oblique

Located on the outer surface of the sides of the abdomen on each side of the rectus abdominis, these muscles are responsible for the twisting of the trunk. This muscle is also responsible for the movement of the spine.

Internal Oblique

This muscle helps in bending the trunk forward, turning the trunk to either side and bending the trunk to either side, such as when you perform side bends.


Exercises for six pack abs

Below are some exercises which if done regularly, may help you get closer to your goal.

Weighted Sit-up

The weighted sit up is a progression from a body weight sit up that strengthens the lower abdominal. This exercise also helps in strengthening lower back and hip flexors. If done regularly, you will be able to see the 4 pack out of the six in your abdominal region. 


Reversed Crunches

Reversed crunches sharpen your bottom portion of abdominal and help build the bottom 2 packs in your 6 pack abs. It is a perfect abs exercise because it primarily works the rectus abdoimnis and obliques, with assistance from the transverse abdominis. 



Also called Abdominal Bridge, plank is one of the best exercises to hone your inner core and waistline. It strengthens the transverse abdominis and also works on the shoulders and back.


Plank Side Twist

It is a strength-training move, and it also stretches your upper back. It is an excellent exercise for both the obliques and transverse abdominis.


Side Plank

Side plank improves your spinal stability and strengthens your upper core. Again, this exercise is a combo as it works on transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and obliques.


Weighted Oblique Crunches

Weighted oblique crunches is a great exercise for targeting your lower back, oblique muscles and hips. This exercise targets the oblique muscles, hips and the lower back. ( exercises for six pack abs )


Floor Wipers

Floor wipers are a tough exercise, but it is a very effective exercise for core. This difficult exercise works on rectus abdominis, oblique muscles and hip flexors.



Also known as Jackknife, V ups is a total core working exercise. V ups tone down the oblique muscle, work on the abdominal and back, and challenge the entire core. ( exercises for six pack abs )


Lying Floor Wipers

 Lying floor wipers are not for the beginners, but those who have good abdominal strength can try it out! This challenging exercise not only engages the rectus abdominal, abdominal muscles and hip flexors, but also oblique muscles at the waist. 


Weighted Side Bends

If your love handles are holding you back from a perfect midsection, then Weighted side bends is the exercise for you. Weighted side bends involve muscles like erector spinae (8 muscles that run and overlap the length of spine) and rectus abdominis. ( exercises for six pack abs )


 Air Bikes/Bicycle Crunches

Air bikes strengthen your abs and oblique simultaneously. The main muscle engaged in this calorie burning exercise are rectus abdomins, and oblique muscles, both internal and external. 


Hanging L Hold

Hanging L hold is a static strength exercise performed on a pull-up bar, high-bar or gymnastics rings. This is one of the most difficult exercise and the primary muscles it targets on is all the abdominals. It also works on secondary muscles like arms and shoulders. ( exercises for six pack abs )

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