What is CrossFit

Have you ever wondered what is CrossFit exactly and what this workout entails? Read on to learn and the pros and cons of the CrossFit workout.

CrossFit is not just a rope hanging from the wall and a Tyre that you get to flip

This is what we do at CrossFit Real Steel:

  1. Olympic Lifting to build Strength & Muscle Mass

E.g: Cleans, Presses, Push Jerks, Snatches, Squats, Lunges etc.

  1. Body Weight Gymnastics for Endurance:

E.g: Push Ups, Pull ups, Ring Rows, Muscle ups, Rope Climbs

  1. Cardio ( metabolic Conditioning )without machines, Fast but short duration .

E.g: Rope Slams, Burpees, Box Jumps, Sprints etc

  1. Routine is unacceptable, Every day is a new workout . Never repeat workouts to constantly shock the body. 
  1. This is Semi- Personal Training .Each workout is taught and monitored by a Trainer certified by CrossFit Inc USA. 
  1. We also teach Nutrition. Without it , you reach Nowhere 
  1. We don’t have machines, become one 
  1. CrossFit can be scaled down to any level hence can be done by all age groups/all fitness levels (From Kids to Grandparents) . 
  2. We don’t just make you look good but also helps you realize how many things your body is capable of doing ( Functional Fitness ).

This is life changing Fitness, Come Experience it.


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