All about Complicated Carbohydrates – Good and Bad

Carbohydrates are our bodies preferred source of energy. 

Incorrect intake of carbohydrates can LEAD to .

  1. Weight gain or FAT deposition in the body
  2. Lethargy and reduced brain function
  3. Medical conditions  e.g – Diabetes, Thyroid etc
  4. Digestion issues

Corrective Intake of carbohydrates will do the reverse for all the above. We lose fat, build muscle mass, remain energetic through out the day and will surely stay away from medical conditions

  • Lactose- Is a carbohydrate and dairy products are rich in Lactose.. Majority of us are lactose intolerant, Such individuals should either avoid Milk or Milk products or should ferment their milk (yogurt).
  • Fructose– Another controversial carbohydrate which is present in all fruits and vegetables. Our bodies find it difficult to process fructose for energy. Liver finds it difficult to breakdown too much of Fructose such ongoing episodes can lead to a condition called Fatty Liver similar to what is caused by consumption of Alcohol. Limit your fruit intake as excess of even good things is bad for us. 
  • Glucose – Lastly, this is the carbohydrate that our bodies prefer.  The number may vary from person to person depending on their muscle mass/ daily workout or activity level. Any extra intake of carbohydrates will be stored as FAT in the body . Healthy food sources for the same are all the starchy and root vegetables. Legumes and grains are also a good option to opt for.

** Majority of carbohydrate sources will have a mix of fructose and glucose. It is important to choose your carbohydrate sources wisely and stick to ones with lesser fructose content .


Another Important Rule of Carbohydrates Intake :

  • Our body doesn’t understand processed Foods. Stick to natural sources of carbohydrates instead of packaged foods.

For example, choose:

  • Sweet potato vs. packaged potato chips
  • Fruit vs. table sugar
  • Fruit vs. packaged fruit juice

Lastly, never go completely off carbohydrates. Some of us looking to kick-start a fat loss program may cut down carbs completely for a couple days to bring the glycogen levels down but continuing to do so will be more detrimental to health than beneficial. Prolonged restricted carbohydrate intake will lead to a metabolic crash, headaches, lethargy, inability to focus and concentrate.




P.S.- Hope this article was useful. Do let us know on if there are additional queries regarding this subject that you may need help with. Also have a look at Crossfit gym Gurgaon


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