How Alcohol Can Affect the Muscle Building Process?

Can Alcohol Affect Muscles Building Process and Fitness Level?

Alcohol can set back to your goal to accomplish an appealing solid body. It does have a negative impact on the Muscle building process. Thus, its consumption should be avoided or limited as much as possible. 

Following are a few significant drawbacks to the muscle building process that arise due to ongoing alcohol consumption.

  • Negative Impact on Protein Synthesis: 

The procedure where amino acids are combined to form protein is known as protein synthesis.. Gigantic alcohol consumption can severely hinder this procedure by approximately 20%. As our muscles are made from protein, lesser protein synthesis equals a lesser muscle building process. 

  • Builds Estrogen and Decreases Testosterone Levels: 

Testosterone is the most basic muscle improving hormone. Diminishing its level can be exceptionally hazardous in the muscle building process. It is a known fact that free streaming testosterone is the key factor in deciding how much muscle an individual can pack on. Also, increase in estrogen levels is likewise hazardous to building muscle as it is directly co related to how much fat we save in our bodies. Higher estrogen levels generally also mean higher body fat %. 

  • Results in Dehydration: 

The human kidney will undoubtedly channel colossal amounts of water in the pursuit to breakdown liquor which can bring about lack of hydration inside the body. Water is a prime component in the muscle building process as amazingly, 70% of our muscles comprise of water. Hence the dehydration caused due to alcohol consumption does negatively impact muscle development.

  1. Decreases the Amount of Vitamins and Minerals in the Body: 

Liquor utilization flushes out the truly necessary amount of Vitamins A, B, C, zinc, calcium and phosphorous from the body. Nutrients and minerals are considered as the spine in the upgrade and support of muscles. Besides, they likewise help in normal functioning of the human body. 

  1. Indicates Fat Storage in the Body: 

Liquor consumption fundamentally impairs the fat burning procedure in the human body. It is predominantly brought about by upsetting the Krebs cycle. 

Hope you find the above information useful and will now choose wisely whether to consume or not consume alcohol as you now know the effect it has on the muscle building process. Read our blogs at Crossfit Gym Gurgaon to find such useful information.


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