07 Best Cardio Exercises to Try at Home

Having a busy schedule, don’t have time to go to Gym on a daily basis. No worries, we are here to discuss some of the best and easy cardio exercises that you can try at home to maintain your cardiovascular health and lose weight.


Burpees are the dread of crossfit pros but a killer cardio that you can try as a part of a high intensity interval training program. 

Make sure while jumping your hands are flat on the ground and the back is straight. Start slowly for 10 minutes in order to avoid injury.

Squat Jumps

In Squat Jump, start from a squat position, jump as high as possible and land back into a squat. This exercise revs up your heart rate, improves blood circulation, and helps boost metabolism. No Equipment nor any special space is required to perform this exercise. 

Climbing Stairs 

Stair climbing workout helps you build lower body and gets the heart rate pumping. Start with short intervals by running 1 or 2 laps up and down and mix the same with other cardio exercises. Wear shoes that don’t skid or slip to avoid any sort of injuries going up and down the staircase. 


Got bored of doing the same exercises, let’s have some fun now. Yes, Dancing is also as one of the best cardio exercises to shape your body and keep you fit. 

While dancing your heart rate is elevated thus your cardiovascular system is worked. Not only that, some of the dance forms help tone the body as well.

Mountain climbers

For cardiovascular conditioning, you do not always need to head to the gym instead try out this exercise at home. Mountain Climbers are extremely challenging and extremely beneficial for the core and overall conditioning. .


Skipping is one of the best exercises one can always incorporate in their training program. Doing this for 20 minutes burns almost 200 calories. Once you get very good at this movement, advance yourself to performing double Unders. 

High Knees

High knees helps you develop a tone butt and core. Again, it is extremely challenging if done at a high speed. Try setting yourself a challenging target for the number of reps you would do in a minute. Whenever you find the set target an easy achievement, change the target to a higher number. By doing so, you will keep improving and your results will not hit a plateau.

Try these exercises at the comfort of your home, No equipment needed. These exercises can paced to meet the fitness level of the person performing them. These are easy to understand and can be done without a coach’s supervision.Not only that, these are effective in toning your body and reducing your fat % if combined with a calorie deficit diet plan.

Be it a man, a woman, a young or old in age, everyone can try these exercises at home. Let’s begin the workout session at your home and make yourself healthy and fit without any cost.

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