Crossfit Gym Diet – Kulfi is a popular ice cream dessert in India and West Asia. Kulfi, unlike the western style ice creams, is not churned in an Ice cream maker. The liquid ingredients of kulfi are boiled like custard and are then frozen; hence the kulfi has a denser texture than the regular ice cream. It is more like frozen custard than ice cream and is available in many flavours. Common flavours are mango, rose, pistachio etc. (CrossFit gym diet)


Crossfit Gym Diet

Below is the recipe for Kulfi-


1-litre double toned milk

4 dried chopped figs ( also known as Anjeer )

8-10 crushed almonds

4 crushed green cardamom seeds

Few strands of Kesar soaked in tsp of milk.

(CrossFit gym diet)



Step 1.       

Crush all the almonds

Crush all the cardamon seeds

Chop the figs

Step 2.

Pour the milk into a pan. Put almonds and figs to the pan. Boil for half an hour over low heat. Keep stirring the milk so that it does not stick to the pan. Add the cardamom seeds and Kesar (saffron) to it. (CrossFit gym diet)

Step 3.

Once the mix is cool, pour it into the containers of your choice. You can also put them in small bowls. Store it in the freezer and wait till it freezes. Enjoy this easy and healthy delicious sweet dish without sugar. 🙂


Nutrients Information 

Calories (Kcal) – 60

Proteins (g) – 2

Carbohydrates (g) – 12 

Fats (g) – 1

***This is an amazing sweet dish with no sugar and almost no fat***

crossfit gym diet
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