This is an extremely special and healthy recipe from our kitchen.

This recipe is without any oil and the cooking medium is curd! This makes it not only tasty but also very healthy as there is no oil. it is a perfect meal with the required macros and micros! Try it and Enjoy! Do write to us in case of any suggestions or if you have enjoyed the same… happy and healthy living! 

Serving: one


200 gms Chicken Breast 

Curd – 50 gms (two big tablespoons)

Seasonal veggies to taste: Mushrooms,

Broccoli, onions, bell peppers, spinach etc.

Spices: Salt to taste, Black pepper, oregano, 

Red Chilli Flakes.

the beauty of this dish is that you can alter 

the taste by changing the spices to Indian, Italian,

Chinese, etc..



Clean the Chicken Breast and chop them into

small pieces 

chop all veggies to a desirable size. Blanch the veggies that need

extra time for softening like Broccoli

To a hot pan add the Curd and stir for 30 seconds 

Add Chicken Breast and Cook for two minutes, add the veggies,

add the spices and cook the dish on low flame till the chicken is tender.

Stir occasionally.


Nutrients Information

total Calories – 320

Protein – 48

Carbohydrates – 7

Fat – 2

Chicken Breast sauted in Curd recipe
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