About Us

CrossFit RealSteel is one of the 13000 affiliates to Cross-Fit Inc (Originated in the United States). We are a strength and conditioning facility that deploys the “Cross Fit” methodology as pioneered by Greg Glassman. Unlike a traditional best gym in Gurgaon, this workout regimen does not focus on passive training on a singular muscle but an active conditioning of multiple body parts and muscles at one time. Imagine Crossfit like a sport where as run, jump, hit, or kick we use more than one kind of muscle. This, therefore, makes Crossfit one of the quickest ways, to lose weight or fat and build lean muscle. At CrossFit RealSteel, we don’t bore you with mundane dumbbells and treadmills; we help you run, jump, climb, lift, throw, and thereby use your body as the ultimate machine. We don’t just make you look good, but also ensure, that you have the ability to perform when needed.

Each program is uniquely designed by our certified Trainers. Our focus is not only on your workout at the box but also your overall health, fitness, and physical appearance. Before we take you as member we ask you about your goals and tailor workout and diet programs around your needs.

We have also Ventured into Online personal training for anyone who is unable to reach us in person. Sign up, download our App to get access to daily workout videos, customized diet plan and all the guidance needed to get to your fitness Goal.

CrossFit Real Steel is the one stop shop for health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Come Join Us! 

What is Crossfit?

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